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Car Locksmith Clear Lake TX

Right next to NASA's Johnson Space Center, Clear Lake TX is certainly home to some pretty smart people. Fortunately, finding a Car Locksmith Clear Lake TX intelligent enough to take care of smart car key programming should prove a fairly simple task as well. The smart key does not look like a traditional car key in the traditional sense. In fact, there is not even a need to take the oblong fob out of your pocket to unlock or start a vehicle. Because it eliminates the need for cutting car keys in metal to create duplicates, not every locksmith can create a new smart key.


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If you have a smart key, you will need to ensure that your Car Locksmith Clear Lake TX has the expertise and equipment for car key programming. A smart key comes under a variety of names depending upon the manufacturer – everything from “Keyless Enter-N-Go” to “Genius Entry” – but they all work in basically the same way. The car key ignition sends a wireless radio signal to the smart key fob, which then confirms the correct identity back to the keyless entry system within the car. With this confirmation, systems typically open the doors automatically and permit starting the engine by pushing a button on the dashboard.

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Another benefit of this kind of system is that locked car keys inside of the vehicle are not a big deal with many manufacturers. These systems offer a service phone number that can unlock and even start the vehicle remotely after confirming some items of personal data. In case this is not an option, however, be sure to also have the phone number for a trusted Car Locksmith Clear Lake TX in your phone or other readily available location. The drawback, of course, is a lost car key can prove an expensive mistake because of the technology and specialty equipment involved.

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